Mercy - Breathtaking adventure

2018-01-0611:12 minutesFemdom, Mask Fetish, Milf
Mercy - Breathtaking adventure 1
Mercy - Breathtaking adventure 2

Mercy ties and blindfolds her slave on a chair. She is wearing a beautiful blue down jacket, she is taking it off to take his breath. She ties it around his face and cuts his air supply. She also gets out a yellow nylon bag and put this over his head.

Ivette - tied and gagged in red downcoat

2016-06-065:31 minutesBondage
Ivette - tied and gagged in red downcoat 1
Ivette - tied and gagged in red downcoat 2

Ivette has been tightly hogtied with ropes and gagged with a silk scarf. She is struggling to get free and also trying not to fell from the couch. She is moaning and complaning into the gag. She is wearing a shiny black spandex leggings, black pantyhose and a shiny nylon red downcoat with fur on the hood.

Lady Lana - Pink Downcoat

2016-03-1545 imagesFetish
Lady Lana - Pink Downcoat 0
Lady Lana - Pink Downcoat 1
Lady Lana - Pink Downcoat 2
Lady Lana - Pink Downcoat 3
Lady Lana - Pink Downcoat 4

Lady Lana showed off to the last shooting appointment wearing a lovely pink downcoat from some chinese seller at Ebay. She looked so stunning in that, we couldn`t resist taking a whole photo series of her favourite winter outfit.

Cedi and Franzi - bright pink downjackets

2015-12-1440 imagesFetish
Cedi and Franzi - bright pink downjackets 0
Cedi and Franzi - bright pink downjackets 1
Cedi and Franzi - bright pink downjackets 2
Cedi and Franzi - bright pink downjackets 3
Cedi and Franzi - bright pink downjackets 4

Cedi and Franzi enjoying theirselves in tight jeans, high leather boots and pink shiny nylon downjacket.

Lady Lana - Duvetica and black wetlook skirt 0
Lady Lana - Duvetica and black wetlook skirt 1
Lady Lana - Duvetica and black wetlook skirt 2
Lady Lana - Duvetica and black wetlook skirt 3
Lady Lana - Duvetica and black wetlook skirt 4

Lady Lana shows her most favorite jacket - a 2013 Duvetica with fur hood. She wears a shiny wetlook skirt, pantyhose and pink high-heels as contrast to the awesome puffy jacket.

Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex

2013-01-0840:17 minutesFetish
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 1
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 2
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 3
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 4

Melanie dressed in shiny Spandex for the first time in her life. Imagine a crazy girl, tattooed, pierced, with colored hair and the longest fingernails I have seen so far. She absolutely enjoyed trying our fetish.

Within this video you have 4 different dresses.

1) For the friends of leopard print, she wears a real tight fitting leopard print catsuit, which barely fits her because of the huge breasts she has.

2) Pink is her favorite color she said during he pre-video interview. So what is better then placing her into an ensemble of a hot pink spandex leggings and a matching leotard?

3) A special made green catsuit. Once sewed by a female friend for her gogo girl work, it`s now part of the Shinywear drawer. Doesn`t it look great on her?

4) Feeling like being in a cocoon, Melanie has been put into a bright orange one-piece suit. She likes it very much inside this tight prison!

Unfortunatly all the video is without sound. While taking the footage, the microphone on the camera was broken, which was discovered when reworking the video on the PC.


2012-12-1860:55 minutesFetish
Melissa 1
Melissa 2
Melissa 3
Melissa 4

Let me introduce you Melissa. I met her through Facebook, chatting with her for about 2 weeks before she agreed to have a video shooting with me. Being a little shy at the start, she got more easy with the shooting going on. You can see this in the video, she is feeling more comfortable and relaxed at the end of the video.

The video is devided into 9 scenes, each with another shiny tight cloth.

1st) Melissa surprised me with a black leggings she had bought herself just days ago. Together with the black leather boots these leggings looked awesome on her! Because the back of the factory building was so cold on the shooting day, she is also wearing a neat shiny red downjacket.

2nd) Melissa is walking through the big factory hall, towards the warmer bar room. See her slowly undressing and preparing for the next outfit.

3rd) A blue string leotard and a black Adidas satin shorts are catching her attention.

4th) The purple catsuit is the next item she wants to dress in and feel on her body.

5th) Time to smoke, as it is really cold, she pulls over a thick Twister downjacket from OCO Pure, which I had in my baggage just for the case she is feeling cold.

6th) The Twister jacket can be side-changed and so she is trying how the blue outside color is looking on her.

7th) A Shinywear fan wrote an email that he`d like to see a girl wearing a black leotard worn in combination with a colorful leggings. Is this glowing green colorful enough?

8th) Or is that shiny pink more yours likely?

9th) The last scene is a silver Zentai suit with full hands and feet. She enjoyed this suit very much she told me afterwards as the feeling being fully hugged by the smooth fabric was very exciting.

This was surely not the last shooting with Melissa. She is interested in more video and photo work.

Shinywear back from the Ashes

2012-11-2744:57 minutesFetish
Shinywear back from the Ashes 1
Shinywear back from the Ashes 2
Shinywear back from the Ashes 3
Shinywear back from the Ashes 4

Going through the old tapes of history, there was some unreleased footage to be found. Within the movies I discovered new stuff from Lucy and Emily and of course from Lucy&Emily together.
During the 4 scenes you will find in this fine Spandex video there`s a lot of action for spandex lovers of all kind.

Scene 1) Lucy dressed in a shiny silver professional leotard talking to you and doing some workout in front of the cam before she rubs her pussy through the fabric.
Beneath that silver leotard she wears a tan skin shiny pantyhose from the famous Wolford brand, like cheerleader usually wear during her show.

Scene 2) Lucy is dressing in a dancing costume, including the high-glossy ultra-shiny and shimmery dance pantyhose again.

Scene 3) One for all Spandex lovers - Emily and Lucy are playing with spandex catsuits and baby oil. See these both sweet ladies having their fun onscreen with the shiny fabric and the liquid oil making the fabric see-through.
Big-Boobs fans will love Emily during that part of the video as her big breasts are showing very nice through the wet spandex. See Lucy rubbing Emilys pussy with and without the Spandex, as later on they are getting naked :D

Scene 4) Something unusual - Lucy in a bright shiny silver leotard is cutting onions.

Nicky loves Spandex

2012-11-2055:33 minutesFetish
Nicky loves Spandex 1
Nicky loves Spandex 2
Nicky loves Spandex 3
Nicky loves Spandex 4

See a friend of mine, Nicky in her first spandex video fuer Shinywear. As I brought the spandex clothes for the shooting, she was crawling through with their hands, feeling the fabric. Then she told me, she didn`t ever expected someone else to have a fetish for this.
This video is only the first from hopefully many to come. The video itself is split into 2 parts. The first half is filmed outside in an old factory building, the second half is showing Nicky under her shower with different clothes.

All the fine SPANDEX

2012-11-1360:11 minutesFetish
All the fine SPANDEX 1
All the fine SPANDEX 2
All the fine SPANDEX 3
All the fine SPANDEX 4

bright, shiny catsuits; hot leotards; overknee boots; short leather skirt; shiny nylon garments

All that you get in the latest Shinywear movie. Charleen is the model of choice for this month. This sweet german girl is presenting some nice Spandex dresses for your pleasure.

Watch various scenes with different colors and Spandex clothes styles. Download the trailer and watch the images for your pleasure.