Caught while self-pleasuring

2018-09-184:10 minutesDomination, Handjob, Public sex
Caught while self-pleasuring 1
Caught while self-pleasuring 2

While Mistress Ivette is out of the house, her slave thinks a little self-pleasure would be nice. He prepares with some silk scarves and sits down on a chair. As he starts to masturbate like this, Mistress Ivette enters the scene. She undresses her shiny nylon down jacket and ties it around her slave's face, taking his breath. She wants to tease him and starts a handjob while he`s placed like this - will this one ends with a happy end?

Mercy - Breathtaking adventure

2018-01-0611:12 minutesFemdom, Mask Fetish, Milf
Mercy - Breathtaking adventure 1
Mercy - Breathtaking adventure 2

Mercy ties and blindfolds her slave on a chair. She is wearing a beautiful blue down jacket, she is taking it off to take his breath. She ties it around his face and cuts his air supply. She also gets out a yellow nylon bag and put this over his head.

Ewa - Riding the slave and doggy play

2017-08-197:03 minutesPony Play
Ewa - Riding the slave and doggy play 1
Ewa - Riding the slave and doggy play 2

After her trampling fun with her down wearing slave, Ewa wants to test him even more. His hands are tied, his mouth is gagged, the hood over his face is secured by her sitting on his face with wearing only a shiny spandex leggings. Further on, he got to go down to his knees, when she mounts up on his back, riding a few rounds. To humilitate him even more, he got to do the dog for her, without the gag, he must bark and give the paw.

Miss Ella - used panty breathplay

2017-05-116:26 minutesFemdom
Miss Ella - used panty breathplay 1
Miss Ella - used panty breathplay 2

Miss Ella ties her slave to a chair. She`s wearing a shiny red Moncler jacket, while he has to wear a shiny nylon Adidas rain jacket. She pulls the hood of his jacket over his head and blindfolds him. From her laundry she`s brought with her, she`s taking 3 used panties and gags him with them. A silk scarf is tied over this. She`s HOM smothering him, preventing any air he could breathe. Just having the taste is not enough, she pulls out another panty and pulls it over his head for him to smell her.

Ewa - Slave bound and jacket breath taken Pt. 2 1
Ewa - Slave bound and jacket breath taken Pt. 2 2

Ewa continues with the breathtaking punishment. Her Southpole downjacket has been already put around the slaves head in Pt. 1, now it comes to full action. Limiting her slaves breath to the minimum possible, he`s struggling for air, while she comments his efforts. Pt. 2

Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking

2016-12-018:36 minutesFemdom
Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking 1
Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking 2

Being tied to a chair, the slave is at Lady Jennys mercy. She has an evil game on her mind, knowing her slave is a non-smoker. So she gags him with one of her used panties. She decides to use a light green one, heavily worn at the gym the day before and puts it in his mouth. A shiny silk scarf secures the gag and holds it in place. She takes a shiny nylon air-tight bag and pulls it over his head. Taking a second chair in front of him, she sits down, lifts the bag over his head and blows her cigarette smoke right into his face and quickly lowering the bag again, having him breath her cigarette smoke. As she goes on with the game, she decides it`s time for some pain too and starts to kick his balls with her high-heel leather boots.

Ivette - tied and gagged in shiny Nylon

2016-10-098:15 minutesBondage
Ivette - tied and gagged in shiny Nylon 1
Ivette - tied and gagged in shiny Nylon 2

Ivette has been caught by an evil attacker. She was on her way out and dressed in a shiny blue spandex leggings and a shiny red downjacket. The attacker made her to wear the jacket with hood in front before he ties her up. She`s tied into a very strict position, where she trying to free herself from. The jackets hood is placed over her face, and a gag is attached over it too.


2016-10-016:39 minutesFemdom
Lady Jenny has her slave sit down on a chair, he`s tied hand and foot. She brougth some panties from her laundry basket with her. Starting with a nice black one with lace, she shows him, let him sniff it before she pushes it into his mouth as a gag. She ties two satin scarves over it to keep it in. As second, he got to smell her very intense, so she pulls out a 2nd pantie and puts this over his head, placing his nose there, where she usually covers her crotch with. He tries to get away from that, but can`t. She blindfolds him with another silk scarf and leaves him for good.

Melissa - Sleepingbag tied

2016-09-25Melissa6:15 minutesBondage
Melissa - Sleepingbag tied 1
Melissa - Sleepingbag tied 2

Melissa tied and gagged in a shiny nylon sleepingbag. She is put into the shiny black puffy bag, a rope is tied around it, securing her inside. She is trying to wiggle herself free, moving around, moaning.

Miss Cedi and Empress Jay - Bagged slave

2016-09-177:25 minutesFemdom
Miss Cedi and Empress Jay - Bagged slave 1
Miss Cedi and Empress Jay - Bagged slave 2

Miss Cedi and Empress Jay starting another fun session - well fun for them, hard for the slave. The slave is bound, gagged and blindfolded. Miss Cedi pulls out a shiny nylon down sleepingbag, she puts it on the floor and orders the slave to crawl into it. The sleepingbag is closed completely over his head. He`s ordered to crawl around, while the Mistresses trample him, facesitting him, punishing him.