Spandex Loving Lesbians! 1
Spandex Loving Lesbians! 2
Spandex Loving Lesbians! 3
Spandex Loving Lesbians! 4

This DVD features the Sexy Emily from DVD 3 & 5 & the Gorgeous Lucy from DVD 4 & 6.

Emily goes to visit Lucy's House to have a Spandex Party & try on Lucy's new Spandex Outfits. They get upto alsorts of fun. Emily tries to squeeze into Catsuits & Leotards that are way to small for her & Lucy gets treated to some spanking from Emily.

The both enjoy each others body making each other cum more than once! You can See Emily jump when Lucy starts playing wth her pussy.

Scene 1 -  Emily turned up in some leggings + spandex top & helped Lucy put on a Metallic Blue Unitard. Lucy then helped Emily strip naked & put on a very tight wetlook catsuit which zipped up at the front. She really struggled to get in but Lucy helped push her boobs in & zip up the front. The zip also went right round to her ass, so later Lucy undid the zip & played with Emily's pussy.

Scene 2 -  Next they stripped out of their catsuits & put 2 leotards on, Emily putting on a thong leotard & some leggings over the top, again Lucy helped Emily put them on as she really struggled. Lucy put on a Green Turtleneck Leotard. They both cuddled & stroked each others sexy leotards. Emily then starts playing with Lucy, putting her hands inside her Leotard & playing with her pussy until she came.

Scene 3 -  They then strip out of the leotards & Emily puts on a Black wetlook unitard, this was a very small unitard & it was a very tight fit, she really struggles to get her pussy zipped up & get her shoulders & boobs in. Lucy again helps whilst she wore shiny pantyhose & a skating dress. Emily pretends to be a dominatrix and decides that she would lie Lucy on her knee & spank her. Lucy wanted to get her own back so she tells Emily to sit on the sofa & she starts to play with Emily's pussy through the unitard before unzipping the unitard to get access to her wet pussy. You can see her jump, squirm & shout whilst Lucy touches & rubs her pussy lips until Emily comes.

Scene 4 - For this scene they again tried on 2 leotards, Emily's put on a Blue Wetlook with was size adult small & it looked impossible at first to get it on, but she just about managed! Lucy puts on a metallic silver leotard. Next Lucy got emily's treatment, with Emily pulling her leotard to one side & playing with her pussy till she came, again!!

Scene 5 -  In the final scene Emily & Lucy retreat to the bathroom dressed in a Black Crotchless Bodystocking (Emily) & a White One Piece Swimsuit. They both love getting messy & today they were going to cover each other in custard & chocolate sauce. Emily pours a whole carton of custard down Lucy's swimsuit & Lucy does the same to Emily. Covering her big boobs in custard! They both get very messy before stripping out of their outfits.