Dama Cesara - Bagged slave Pt. 1

2016-12-284:11 minutesFemdom
Dama Cesara - Bagged slave Pt. 1 1
Dama Cesara - Bagged slave Pt. 1 2
Dama Cesara pushing a slave into a down sleepingbag. The slave is tied hands behind his back, she orders him to go into the bag, closing it completely. Beating, Whipping and Kicking - she really let him suffer from her bad temper.

Purple Zentai tied - Part02

2016-12-185:58 minutesBondage
Purple Zentai tied - Part02 1
Purple Zentai tied - Part02 2

The bonds fastened and added a shiny silk scarf as a gag. Zentai girl is trying to free herself. She`s rolling around, moaning and trying to get her hands free. Impossible to get out, she`s not giving up to try!

Purple Zentai tied - Part01

2016-12-176:01 minutesBondage
Purple Zentai tied - Part01 1
Purple Zentai tied - Part01 2

Tied in a purple shiny spandex zentai suit. Securely tied with black rope, she wiggles and tries to free herself. With that crotch rope attached, she has to decide - free herself or pleasure herself :)

Ewa - Downslave trampling

2016-12-115:33 minutesFemdom
Ewa - Downslave trampling 1
Ewa - Downslave trampling 2

After she amused herself with her slave being heavily breathplayed, she decided it`s time to redress the little slut. She orders him to undress the brown downcoat and put on a red downcoat. She ties him again and starts kicking and trampling him with her black PVC overknee boots. She slaps him on his back and uses the whip to once more show him who the boss is.

Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking

2016-12-028:36 minutesFemdom
Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking 1
Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking 2

Being tied to a chair, the slave is at Lady Jennys mercy. She has an evil game on her mind, knowing her slave is a non-smoker. So she gags him with one of her used panties. She decides to use a light green one, heavily worn at the gym the day before and puts it in his mouth. A shiny silk scarf secures the gag and holds it in place. She takes a shiny nylon air-tight bag and pulls it over his head. Taking a second chair in front of him, she sits down, lifts the bag over his head and blows her cigarette smoke right into his face and quickly lowering the bag again, having him breath her cigarette smoke. As she goes on with the game, she decides it`s time for some pain too and starts to kick his balls with her high-heel leather boots.

Ewa - tied outdoor - wet and messy

2016-11-244:30 minutesBondage
Ewa - tied outdoor - wet and messy 1
Ewa - tied outdoor - wet and messy 2

Ewa tied in a downjacket, wearing a shiny spandex leggings. She`s trying to free herself as she`s beside an outdoor pool. The wet sand glues on her wet leggings, making it cold and uncomfortable.

Patty - Pamy tied

2016-11-187:06 minutesBondage
Patty - Pamy tied 1
Patty - Pamy tied 2

Sweet Patty is wearing nothing but a black shiny spandex panty and a black shiny nylon Pamy coat. Her hands are tied at her back, the hood of the downcoat is on her head. She`s gagged with a black ballgag. She`s trying to free herself, wiggling around and moving in front of the camera.

Ewa - enjoying her slave with bagging and facesitting fun 1
Ewa - enjoying her slave with bagging and facesitting fun 2

Ewa has her slave tied after he misbehaved. She orders him to lay his head on the couch, when she starts to pull nylon bags over his head. He can hardly breath at all, but she pulls another one and another one and another one over his head. Heavily gasping, she`s punishing him even more.

Miss Cedi - Jacket breath control

2016-10-166:35 minutesFemdom
Miss Cedi - Jacket breath control 1
Miss Cedi - Jacket breath control 2

Miss Cedi ties her slave on a chair, his hands are securely fastened behind his back. He is double gagged with shiny silk scarves and also has to wear the hood of his shiny downjacket over his head. She walks around him, undressing her shiny blue Abercrombie & Fitch retro downjacket and puts it around his head, taking all his breathing air. He`s despretly trying to get his loungs filled with air but he can`t. She is torturing him with her arms and pulling him back on the chair. Very hard breathplay video - another fine one featuring Miss Cedi

Ivette - tied and gagged in shiny Nylon

2016-10-108:15 minutesBondage
Ivette - tied and gagged in shiny Nylon 1
Ivette - tied and gagged in shiny Nylon 2

Ivette has been caught by an evil attacker. She was on her way out and dressed in a shiny blue spandex leggings and a shiny red downjacket. The attacker made her to wear the jacket with hood in front before he ties her up. She`s tied into a very strict position, where she trying to free herself from. The jackets hood is placed over her face, and a gag is attached over it too.