Miss Cedis bagged slave

2018-03-18 10:00 minutes
Miss Cedis bagged slave 1
Miss Cedis bagged slave 2

Miss Cedi puts her slave in a shiny spandex bodybag and tells him to stay in the corner until she tells him different. She pulls out some jackets and coats and wraps his head up. Taking his breath with multiple layers of nylon and spandex makes it even more hard for him to get free.

Mistress Nelly and her all Nylon slave 1
Mistress Nelly and her all Nylon slave 2

Mistress Nelly plays with her new slave for the first time. This black haired, slim girl, had some ideas for the first game. She let him place his hands in nylon bags, puts tape around the wrists to immobilize his hands, she gagges him with a scarf and puts a nylon bag over his head to blind him and take his breathing air. He has to undress himself and dress into a shiny nylon windbreaker jacket and a shiny spandex leggings. When he did this with a lot of problems and regulations from his mistress, he has to undress her shoes and put her awesome legs into high leather boots.

Orange Zentai tied

2018-02-11 5:34 minutes
Orange Zentai tied 1
Orange Zentai tied 2

Ivette is put into a very shiny and tight orange Zentai suit. Her hands are strictly tied on her back, while she`s placed frogtied on a couch. She can barely move that way, not to speak from freeing herself, which is impossible.

Lady Emjay - Facesitting the jacket loving slave 1
Lady Emjay - Facesitting the jacket loving slave 2

Lady Emjay found her house slave playing around with one of her down jackets. So she decided it`s time for some punishment. She`s been using him as a seat, while she`s taking his breath. Great facesitting action in shiny spandex leggings, shiny pink Moncler jacket and white Buffalo classics.

Ewa - Heikes Jackets, pink bondage and panty gagging 1
Ewa - Heikes Jackets, pink bondage and panty gagging 2

Ewa let her slave wear a shiny pink Pamy down jacket. It`s a pretty nice match to the shiny pink spandex leggings he has to wear. She ties him up with silk scarves and gags him with a shiny spandex buffalo panty. She`s trampling and facesitting her slave.

Mercy - Breathtaking adventure

2018-01-07 11:12 minutes Femdom, Mask Fetish, Milf
Mercy - Breathtaking adventure 1
Mercy - Breathtaking adventure 2

Mercy ties and blindfolds her slave on a chair. She is wearing a beautiful blue down jacket, she is taking it off to take his breath. She ties it around his face and cuts his air supply. She also gets out a yellow nylon bag and put this over his head.

Ella - Down jacket trampling

2017-12-30 7:25 minutes Femdom, Fetish, Trampling
Ella - Down jacket trampling 1
Ella - Down jacket trampling 2

Poor slave has tied hands overhead and is ordered to lay down. Mistress Ella orders him to lay still while she starts trampling him. Her feet are into leather boots, her weight is seriously punishing the slave. Her leather leggings vested legs stomp on his chest and hips while she enjoys his suffering.

Mistress Mercy - Bondage Contest

2017-11-13 20:51 minutes Bondage, Domination, Femdom
Mistress Mercy - Bondage Contest 1
Mistress Mercy - Bondage Contest 2

Mistress Mercy ties her two slaves into a nice hogtie. She uses multiple silk and satin scarves for that. On her command, her slaves start to try to free themselves. Who will be the lucky winner and who the poor looser? See it out for yourself - get this 20 minutes contest movie!

Zentai girl tied and gagged

2017-10-29 7:00 minutes Bondage
Zentai girl tied and gagged 1
Zentai girl tied and gagged 2

Still wearing that green zentai suit, the poor girl is securely tied with black rope. To keep her quiet during her long time in distress, she`s been cleave gagged. Her hands and feet remain tied together tightly, the rope around her neck is an even more strict way to keep her secure

Lady Drea - T-24400 worship and trampling

2017-10-22 4:59 minutes Trampling
Lady Drea - T-24400 worship and trampling 1
Lady Drea - T-24400 worship and trampling 2

More then 10 years ago, I met Lady Drea for a private video shooting. While she prepared herself, dressing up in PVC pants and high T-24400 leather boots from Buffalo, I was tied and blindfolded and even breath reduced on the floor. She returned and my suffering started. First I had to clean the boots, she`s been outdoors with them, attending a rave the day before. The boots were very dirty and I had problems to get them clean with my tongue. As she wasn`t satisfied with the results, she started trampling on me.