Shinywear back from the Ashes

2012-11-2844:57 minutesFetish
Shinywear back from the Ashes 1
Shinywear back from the Ashes 2
Shinywear back from the Ashes 3
Shinywear back from the Ashes 4

Going through the old tapes of history, there was some unreleased footage to be found. Within the movies I discovered new stuff from Lucy and Emily and of course from Lucy&Emily together.
During the 4 scenes you will find in this fine Spandex video there`s a lot of action for spandex lovers of all kind.

Scene 1) Lucy dressed in a shiny silver professional leotard talking to you and doing some workout in front of the cam before she rubs her pussy through the fabric.
Beneath that silver leotard she wears a tan skin shiny pantyhose from the famous Wolford brand, like cheerleader usually wear during her show.

Scene 2) Lucy is dressing in a dancing costume, including the high-glossy ultra-shiny and shimmery dance pantyhose again.

Scene 3) One for all Spandex lovers - Emily and Lucy are playing with spandex catsuits and baby oil. See these both sweet ladies having their fun onscreen with the shiny fabric and the liquid oil making the fabric see-through.
Big-Boobs fans will love Emily during that part of the video as her big breasts are showing very nice through the wet spandex. See Lucy rubbing Emilys pussy with and without the Spandex, as later on they are getting naked :D

Scene 4) Something unusual - Lucy in a bright shiny silver leotard is cutting onions.

Nicky loves Spandex

2012-11-2155:33 minutesFetish
Nicky loves Spandex 1
Nicky loves Spandex 2
Nicky loves Spandex 3
Nicky loves Spandex 4

See a friend of mine, Nicky in her first spandex video fuer Shinywear. As I brought the spandex clothes for the shooting, she was crawling through with their hands, feeling the fabric. Then she told me, she didn`t ever expected someone else to have a fetish for this.
This video is only the first from hopefully many to come. The video itself is split into 2 parts. The first half is filmed outside in an old factory building, the second half is showing Nicky under her shower with different clothes.

All the fine SPANDEX

2012-11-1460:11 minutesFetish
All the fine SPANDEX 1
All the fine SPANDEX 2
All the fine SPANDEX 3
All the fine SPANDEX 4

bright, shiny catsuits; hot leotards; overknee boots; short leather skirt; shiny nylon garments

All that you get in the latest Shinywear movie. Charleen is the model of choice for this month. This sweet german girl is presenting some nice Spandex dresses for your pleasure.

Watch various scenes with different colors and Spandex clothes styles. Download the trailer and watch the images for your pleasure.

Swimsuits Special 2008

2012-11-1462:20 minutesFetish
Swimsuits Special 2008 1
Swimsuits Special 2008 2
Swimsuits Special 2008 3
Swimsuits Special 2008 4

There it is, the second Swimsuit special video from Shinywear. We are proud to show you some rare swimsuits you won`t see anywhere else on the net.

Welcome our new model Charleen, she will be around here for a while now, as she enjoyed taking the footage for this movie.

This movie features:

1) Swimsuits
2) Nudity
3) Satin Retro Shorts (Adidas)
4) self-touching with Swimsuit
5) Smoking in Swimsuit
6) Leopard print catsuit at the end!

Shiny Shiny Jodie!

2012-11-0758:17 minutesFetish
Shiny Shiny Jodie! 1
Shiny Shiny Jodie! 2
Shiny Shiny Jodie! 3
Shiny Shiny Jodie! 4

Jodie returns to to dress up in more catsuits & leotards. Approx 1hr Long Video


Shinywear 16 is the 2nd video made with jodie in 2008, this follows on from the very successful Shinywear 15.

Scene 1

Jodie starts in her birthday suit, her great curvy breasts on show along with her landing strip shaved pussy. The first outfit she puts on for you is a Proffessional Gymnastics Leotard. Its a red white & gold foil long sleeved leotard. Its really tight & Jodie tells you all about how tight it is & how it feels against her naked body. She wears the leotard with no tights or pantyhose on her legs, just as a real gymnast would. Once in the leotard it clings to her body like a second skin, the shine bouncing off the sexy spandex. Once wearing the leotard she caresses her body saying how it feels before bending over to show you her sexy spandex covered butt. You get great up close & personal shots of every part of her sexy body. All the way through she describes how she enjoys wearing the spandex! You get to see her sat on the sofa legs in the air, leotard just covering that perfect pussy. mmmm... Once she has teased you in the leotard then its time to take it off & she slowly & sexily removes it to show you again her beautiful naked body. - 20mins

Scene 2

This scene starts with Jodie naked again... what a shame! she talks to camera & then puts on a blue long sleeved catsuit. She squeezes the slinky tight shiny catsuit over her long legs & over that fantastic ass before zipping up the front zipper to cover her tasty boobs. Once covered in the catsuit she bends over to show you a better view of her great ass. If you aren't turned on by now, she sits down & teases you with her legs up in the air, touching her pussy through the catsuit. She asks you whether she is being sexy enough & offers to get her boobs out.... so she unzips the catsuit to show off her pert tits, which is just fantastic, jodie in spandex with her boobs out, what more do you want? All though out the video she talks to you, suggesting how she feels & asking how you feel ends with jodie stripping naked... - 10mins

Scene 3

In this scene jodie puts on a shiny pink foil catsuit, the shine is fantasic, it shimmers off her sexy body, covering her fantasic boobs butt & pussy. She knows she looks good in it as she shows off for you.... It feels so good, she does a little dance and you just can't help but look at her. If you like very shiny catsuits then this video is for you! After a few minutes she wants to know whether you want her to take the catsuit off, well she knows you do... so off comes the top half & you get to see jodie playing in spandex topless, playing with her boobs as she goes... ends with a strip to naked :-) - 20mins

Scene 4

This scene is more of the same, sexy Jodie, sexy shiny silver catsuit & jodie teasing you. She lies down, touches herself & tells you how sexy she feels in the spandex. I have not seen a shiner catsuit in all my years knowing spandex! At the end of the scene she bends over & strips for you, showing you a great view of her bald pussy before saying good bye. - 10mins

Jodie Returns!

2012-10-3162:10 minutesFetish
Jodie Returns! 1
Jodie Returns! 2
Jodie Returns! 3
Jodie Returns! 4

The fantastic Jodie returns to to show off her sexy curves in tight shiny stretchy spandex outfits.

Jodie returns to to dress up in more catsuits, leotards, leggings & unitards! Over 1hr Long Video


1) Jodie starts dressed in jeans & a white top. She introduces herself & starts to get naked for you! She removes her Jeans to reveal a white thong. Once the thong is removed & she's all naked its time to get some spandex out! A red turtleneck unitard is chosen she slips into the silky smooth spandex & loves the feel of it. All the way through the video she describes the way it feels & how she feels. She leaves the zip low on the unitard so you can see her sexy boobs peeping out of the outfit. You get to see a great view of all the unitard whilst Jodie bends down & poses infront of your face. She touches & feels her body, asking you the viewer if you are enjoying yourselves. After teasing you in the spandex, she starts to remove it, firstly showing you her great boobs then bending over & revealling her sexy ass whilst removing the unitard. Once naked she turns round to show you her landing strip of hair & he sexy pussy. 11 mins

2) If you love shiny leotards then this scene will turn you on! Jodie starts naked then tries to squeeze into a blue wetlook sleeveless leotard. She just about fits into it, its nice & snug over her boobs & sexy body. The camera angle gets nice & low so you can look up to her sexy butt & crotch covered in the tight shiny leotard. Jodie talks to you whilst she touches her boobs & pussy through the leotard, she askes whether you'd like to touch it.To tease you further she pulls the leo to one side & shows you her round boobs before covering them up again, she also pulls a wedgie with the leo to show you more of her butt cheeks! Jodie is so sexy in this video, if you love Jodie you must see this scene! After touching & caressing every part of the leotard she slowly & sexily removes the leo, revealing her fantastic pert boobs & tight pussy. Once naked you get to have a great view of her slim tanned naked body, she bends over & touches her pussy, as if to check whether it was wet.... 19 mins

3) In this scene, Jodie does what she does best, put catsuits on! She squeezes her tight little body into a Metallic Silver long sleeved turtleneck catsuit. With the catsuit zipped up just below her boobs, you get a great view of her sexy nipples & cleavage. She sits & lies down on the sofa, showing you how tight the catsuit is over her curves. All the time talking to you about how the spandex feels, how she feels in it & how you must feel watching her play in the catsuit. Once fully warmed up she zips down the catsuit & cups her boobs, playing with them over the top of the catsuit, once topless she continues to caress her body whilst giving you the show of your life. Towards the end of the scene she turns round & strips naked from behind, clenching her buttocks as she does before giving you one last twirl naked. 18 mins

4) Jodie has just returned from her run, in a pair of shiny purple leggings & a purple crop top. She tells you about the comments she got whilst out & how she feels when she goes out in spandex. The tight top encases her boobs & the leggings cover her shapely legs. She lies on the sofa legs stretched out feeling the spandex against her skin. She shows you a fantastic view of her butt be kneeling on the floor & the camera gets nice & close from behind, what would you do if you were there? She can't wait to show you her boobs when playing in the outfit, she pulls the crop top up to give you a view of her perfect boobs. She continues to tease you playing with her boobs & pulling her leggings down.... but not too much... yet.... Well ok then, just for you, the leggings come off you get to see Jodie in all her glory! That little strip of hair over her pussy, the fantastic pert boobs... Jodie the sexiest girl in spandex? 14 mins

Elspeth in Spandex

2012-10-2459:19 minutesFetish
Elspeth in Spandex 1
Elspeth in Spandex 2
Elspeth in Spandex 3
Elspeth in Spandex 4

Lovely Elspeth is showing you her favorite spandex outfits. See her in 4 different scenes in this 60 minutes video.


1) Elspeth picks out a blue long-sleeved catsuit and let you see her dressing in it. As she dresses in the fine piece of cloth, she starts rubbing the fabric with her hands on her whole body. She comments the feeling and the snugginess.while she`s having a good time.

2) Moving on to the next scene, she dresses in her workout-clothes. It`s a lime green leggings and a purple crop-top. Imagine seeing her in that dress in your local gym doing some hot aerobic with high kicks and a lot of stretching. The girl you have always dreamed of. Here she`s private and shows you what else to do with the workout wear.

3) In her 3rd scene you can see her in a special professional leotard we got from a fan. As it was our customers wish, she dresses in a fine pantyhose before slipping in that awsome piece of spandex. The design looks great on her, just to imagine she was practicing rhythmic sport gymnastics years before. Gymnasts going nasty.

4) Now that she`s fully turned on, it`s time for the conclusion and she dresses in her silver long-sleeved leotard. See her rubbing herself with the fabric and see some nice nearby-shots of her lips on the side of the fabric.

Melissa loves shiny things

2012-10-1760:59 minutesFetish
Melissa loves shiny things 1
Melissa loves shiny things 2
Melissa loves shiny things 3
Melissa loves shiny things 4

After her first appearance in Shinywear 22 - Melissa we got multiple requests for another video with her wearing tight and shiny spandex and nylon clothes. A fan from France sent over 3 different Moncler items, two vests and one jacket which we used in that 60 minutes video. See Melissa teasing in many scenes wearing tight spandex leggings, catsuits and even a zentai suit. As little breathtaker at the end, she is showering while wearing a tight shiny silver catsuit rubbing her whole body with cream and enjoying the warm water flowing over her whole body.

This is the first DVD featuring our new model Ewa. 1
This is the first DVD featuring our new model Ewa. 2
This is the first DVD featuring our new model Ewa. 3
This is the first DVD featuring our new model Ewa. 4

See Ewa in 4 scenes, where she dresses and undresses in different shiny Spandex outfits. She starts stretching for her workout and shows some basic sport figures.
She enjoys the Spandex on her skin as she rubs herself trough it and letting her hands and fingers running over it.

After a while she decides to have a cigarette break and gives you a great show of smoking in Spandex, while having herself touched in this lovely fabric.

Swimsuit Special - A 100% Swimsuit Special!

2012-10-0358:53 minutesFetish
Swimsuit Special - A 100% Swimsuit Special! 1
Swimsuit Special - A 100% Swimsuit Special! 2
Swimsuit Special - A 100% Swimsuit Special! 3
Swimsuit Special - A 100% Swimsuit Special! 4

This DVD features the Gorgeous Lucy from DVD 4, 6 & 8

This is a special DVD which features 100% One Piece Swimsuits. You get to see Lucy put on 5 different swimsuits which have been sent in by her fans. She tries each suit on & poses for your pleasure, the more she puts on & the longer she wears them the hornier she gets.... You get to see her playing with her pussy & boobs with her fingers & her favourite Dildo!

Scene 1 -  Lucy introduces herself & shows us the suits that have been sent into her. She starts off dressed in a sexy denim dress. She then strips to her pink underwear before getting naked. She first chooses to put on a blue high neck Speedo swimsuit. The gives us a twirl & shows us her great body covered in the very tight spandex. You get a very closeup view of her sexy bottom & boobs covered up in the sexy spandex.  She plays to the camera & gives you a great view of her pert boobs & fantastic shaved pussy.  She pulls the suit up into her clit & rubs backwards & forwards getting very very excited!

Scene 2 -  Lucy starts this scene dressed in the blue speedo suit, she chooses a black highneck speedo suit to wear next & strips out of the blue speedo. She puts on the black suit & can't wait to show off the fantastic lines of the suit. You can see how shiny it is. She talks to camera telling you how she feels & she wonders what the viewers think.... Again she teases you by pulling the suit over to show you her gorgeous boobs. She pulls the suit up to give herself a wedgie & again she nearly cums pulling the suit tight over her pussy.

Scene 3 -  The third scene starts with Lucy choosing a blue racing back speedo swimsuit, she strips out of the black one & squeezes into the blue racing back suit. The suit feels so smooth & so very tight. The material rubs against her boobs & clit & makes her so very wet & horny. After playing with herself in all of the previous suits she really feels very turned on.. She decides to go into her back room & get her favourite friend out... Her Rampant rabbit sex toy, this silver dildo is destined to be thrust in & out of lucy's tight cunt. She lubes up the toy & pulls her swimsuit to one side. You get a fantastic view of Lucy fucking herself with her rabbit, whilst wearing her favourite swimsuit so far...

Scene 4 - Lucy wants to feels the all over spandex feeling so before putting her next swimsuit on, she slips into some nearly black pantyhose before putting on a multi coloured high neck swimsuit. Again she treats the camera to a twirl & you get to see Lucy's sexy body covered in spandex.

Scene 5 -  In this the final scene Lucy puts on a very small blue & grey speedo one piece over the top of some pantyhose. She loves to feel spandex all over her skin, she rubs her legs, body & boobs all covered by the tight material. She starts by rubbing her pussy & boobs through the suit before noticing the suit had been tampered with. A big hole had been made in the bottom of the suit, this gave her another naughty idea. She rips open the pantyhose and stuffs her favourite toy straight into her tight wet pussy. She gets very excited, the dildo going in & out of her sexy pussy whilst covered in pantyhose & a one piece swimsuit!