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Our latest video release featuring Ewa

After the first one was so successful, and the requests for another video flooded the mailbox, she was more then pleased to dress up in her favorite fabric again.


There are some different scenes in this video, showing popular requests that reached us. First we start with some bondage. Ewa ties herself up at the beginning and get`s securly bound later on. The second request was some more smoking of Ewa. After that hard bondage-adventure she relaxes while smoking a cigarette. This time Ewa brought some of her own clothes with her, including some old sport clothes she had from her past. Within this, she found a dancedress made of Spandex, which she hasn`t been wearing for years. She was curious if she would still fit in - see this tight scene. The last scene is Ewa wearing some blue-silver Spandex sportsdress, she had to wear during her time in the sportsclub. Such sexy clothes shouldn`t been thrown away, so they are kept for new adventures at the