Mistress Nelly and her all Nylon slave 1
Mistress Nelly and her all Nylon slave 2

Mistress Nelly plays with her new slave for the first time. This black haired, slim girl, had some ideas for the first game. She let him place his hands in nylon bags, puts tape around the wrists to immobilize his hands, she gagges him with a scarf and puts a nylon bag over his head to blind him and take his breathing air. He has to undress himself and dress into a shiny nylon windbreaker jacket and a shiny spandex leggings. When he did this with a lot of problems and regulations from his mistress, he has to undress her shoes and put her awesome legs into high leather boots.

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January 28, 2021 20:17 unknown ★★★★★ nelly ist süss kann sie mehr video machen
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