Melissa 1
Melissa 2
Melissa 3
Melissa 4

Let me introduce you Melissa. I met her through Facebook, chatting with her for about 2 weeks before she agreed to have a video shooting with me. Being a little shy at the start, she got more easy with the shooting going on. You can see this in the video, she is feeling more comfortable and relaxed at the end of the video.

The video is devided into 9 scenes, each with another shiny tight cloth.

1st) Melissa surprised me with a black leggings she had bought herself just days ago. Together with the black leather boots these leggings looked awesome on her! Because the back of the factory building was so cold on the shooting day, she is also wearing a neat shiny red downjacket.

2nd) Melissa is walking through the big factory hall, towards the warmer bar room. See her slowly undressing and preparing for the next outfit.

3rd) A blue string leotard and a black Adidas satin shorts are catching her attention.

4th) The purple catsuit is the next item she wants to dress in and feel on her body.

5th) Time to smoke, as it is really cold, she pulls over a thick Twister downjacket from OCO Pure, which I had in my baggage just for the case she is feeling cold.

6th) The Twister jacket can be side-changed and so she is trying how the blue outside color is looking on her.

7th) A Shinywear fan wrote an email that he`d like to see a girl wearing a black leotard worn in combination with a colorful leggings. Is this glowing green colorful enough?

8th) Or is that shiny pink more yours likely?

9th) The last scene is a silver Zentai suit with full hands and feet. She enjoyed this suit very much she told me afterwards as the feeling being fully hugged by the smooth fabric was very exciting.

This was surely not the last shooting with Melissa. She is interested in more video and photo work.