Lycra-Ewa and the fetish cleaning service guy 1
Lycra-Ewa and the fetish cleaning service guy 2

Lycra-Ewa ordered a cleaning service to her appartment. A young guy shows up, he`s wearing a shiny nylon thick North Face Nuptse downjacket. She explains his tasks to him and wants to go out for shopping as she catches him playing around in her bedroom with her down clothes.
She`s upset, and tells him, he has to learn his place. She orders this submissive nothing into her living room, where she starts tying him up and gagging him before she starts facesitting and whipping.
But this is not enough punishment in her eyes, so she let him wear a warm downcoat over his already really warm Nuptse jacket. She ties him up and leaves the room to change clothes as well. As she returns she`s the mistress of your dreams - black leather overknee boots, shiny spandex leggings and a puffy shiny nylon leopard jacket.

He has tu undress his now sweated jackets, getting into a red downcoat. As he`s ready to play, he has to lick Ewas boots, has to suck her heels and enjoy her walking on him while trampling him. Not to forget the whipping and facesitting she gives to him as well.

As far as it is to see now - this is the last every video with Lycra-Ewa. Enjoy the film as much as we had fun producing it.