Elspeth in Spandex 1
Elspeth in Spandex 2
Elspeth in Spandex 3
Elspeth in Spandex 4

Lovely Elspeth is showing you her favorite spandex outfits. See her in 4 different scenes in this 60 minutes video.


1) Elspeth picks out a blue long-sleeved catsuit and let you see her dressing in it. As she dresses in the fine piece of cloth, she starts rubbing the fabric with her hands on her whole body. She comments the feeling and the snugginess.while she`s having a good time.

2) Moving on to the next scene, she dresses in her workout-clothes. It`s a lime green leggings and a purple crop-top. Imagine seeing her in that dress in your local gym doing some hot aerobic with high kicks and a lot of stretching. The girl you have always dreamed of. Here she`s private and shows you what else to do with the workout wear.

3) In her 3rd scene you can see her in a special professional leotard we got from a fan. As it was our customers wish, she dresses in a fine pantyhose before slipping in that awsome piece of spandex. The design looks great on her, just to imagine she was practicing rhythmic sport gymnastics years before. Gymnasts going nasty.

4) Now that she`s fully turned on, it`s time for the conclusion and she dresses in her silver long-sleeved leotard. See her rubbing herself with the fabric and see some nice nearby-shots of her lips on the side of the fabric.