Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 1
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 2
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 3
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 4

Melanie dressed in shiny Spandex for the first time in her life. Imagine a crazy girl, tattooed, pierced, with colored hair and the longest fingernails I have seen so far. She absolutely enjoyed trying our fetish.

Within this video you have 4 different dresses.

1) For the friends of leopard print, she wears a real tight fitting leopard print catsuit, which barely fits her because of the huge breasts she has.

2) Pink is her favorite color she said during he pre-video interview. So what is better then placing her into an ensemble of a hot pink spandex leggings and a matching leotard?

3) A special made green catsuit. Once sewed by a female friend for her gogo girl work, it`s now part of the Shinywear drawer. Doesn`t it look great on her?

4) Feeling like being in a cocoon, Melanie has been put into a bright orange one-piece suit. She likes it very much inside this tight prison!

Unfortunatly all the video is without sound. While taking the footage, the microphone on the camera was broken, which was discovered when reworking the video on the PC.