Mercy - human furniture for photo shooting 1
Mercy - human furniture for photo shooting 2

When Miss Mercy put her slave into the blue down sleepingbag, she get`s ready for a photo shooting. When her poor tied and gagged slave cannot see or do anything, she tramples on him, uses him for her purposes. She poses for her photographer with this shiny nylon human furniture. At the end, the slave`s just being left alone again. Ready for further use.

Inga - Learning the ropes and gags

27.06.2016Inga5:45 MinutenFemdom
Inga - Learning the ropes and gags 1
Inga - Learning the ropes and gags 2

Inga tries to tie a man for the first time, she pulls out some silk scarves and ties them around her victims wrists really tight. She takes another scarf, makes a big knot in it and puts it ins the victims mouth as a cloth gag. She takes off her shiny black downjacket by The North Face Nuptse and pulls it over the victims head, making it hard for him to breath. She lights a cigarette, takes a seat on the slaves belly and breast and starts to smoke, while he is fighting for air.

Miss Cedi - Kicking the tied nylon slave

30.08.20155:04 MinutenFemdom
Miss Cedi - Kicking the tied nylon slave 1
Miss Cedi - Kicking the tied nylon slave 2

Miss Cedi ties her nylon slave to a pole, gags him, attaches a scarf around his neck, that she ties to the pole and then starts kicking his upper legs wearing overknee leather boots.

Lycra-Ewa downcoat tied

12.07.20155:16 MinutenBondage
Lycra-Ewa downcoat tied 1
Lycra-Ewa downcoat tied 2

Ewa is securely tied wearing nothing but a black shiny nylon downcoat from Adidas. Ropes around her wrist and ankles, a scarf as gag in her mouth - she`s trying to get free - will she make it?

Miss Cedi - Dominant Games

13.06.201531:08 MinutenFemale Domination
Miss Cedi - Dominant Games 1
Miss Cedi - Dominant Games 2

This is a 30min domination video with Miss Cedi enjoying her slave in 2 different outfits and different actions. This video features white Highheel Boots as well as Bufalo platform boots. You can see puffy Pamy downcoat and thinner shiny nylon jackets. Enjoy the slave suffering under Miss Cedis superiority. She spits on him, takes his breath and ties him tight.

Swimsuits Special 2008

14.11.201262:20 MinutenFetish
Swimsuits Special 2008 1
Swimsuits Special 2008 2
Swimsuits Special 2008 3
Swimsuits Special 2008 4

There it is, the second Swimsuit special video from Shinywear. We are proud to show you some rare swimsuits you won`t see anywhere else on the net.

Welcome our new model Charleen, she will be around here for a while now, as she enjoyed taking the footage for this movie.

This movie features:

1) Swimsuits
2) Nudity
3) Satin Retro Shorts (Adidas)
4) self-touching with Swimsuit
5) Smoking in Swimsuit
6) Leopard print catsuit at the end!