Caught while self-pleasuring

18.09.20184:10 MinutenDomination, Handjob, Public sex
Caught while self-pleasuring 1
Caught while self-pleasuring 2

While Mistress Ivette is out of the house, her slave thinks a little self-pleasure would be nice. He prepares with some silk scarves and sits down on a chair. As he starts to masturbate like this, Mistress Ivette enters the scene. She undresses her shiny nylon down jacket and ties it around her slave's face, taking his breath. She wants to tease him and starts a handjob while he`s placed like this - will this one ends with a happy end?

Mercy - human furniture for photo shooting 1
Mercy - human furniture for photo shooting 2

When Miss Mercy put her slave into the blue down sleepingbag, she get`s ready for a photo shooting. When her poor tied and gagged slave cannot see or do anything, she tramples on him, uses him for her purposes. She poses for her photographer with this shiny nylon human furniture. At the end, the slave`s just being left alone again. Ready for further use.

Mistress Nelly - trampling the all nylon slave 1
Mistress Nelly - trampling the all nylon slave 2

After putting her nylon slave in distress, taping his hands, gagging him, taking his breath with dark nylon bags, Mistress Nelly advises him to lay down. He has to suffer her weight as she steps on him. She handles him hard, giving him no chance to rest until she`s finished.

Lady Lana - Equestrienne mistress and her downjacket slave 1
Lady Lana - Equestrienne mistress and her downjacket slave 2

Let`s start this video series with Lady Lana and her downjacket slave, as she order him to crawl up to her. He got to lay in front of her and lick her dirty stable boots clean. She`s somewhat not pleased with his work and so he needs to be punished for his bad work. She`s pulling out some scarves, used panties and nylon down sleepingbags. His hands are tied, his eyes are blindfolded and he can only crawl like a worm as his feet are tied as well. How will she continue to punish him?

Mercy - Breathtaking adventure

06.01.201811:12 MinutenFemdom, Mask Fetish, Milf
Mercy - Breathtaking adventure 1
Mercy - Breathtaking adventure 2

Mercy ties and blindfolds her slave on a chair. She is wearing a beautiful blue down jacket, she is taking it off to take his breath. She ties it around his face and cuts his air supply. She also gets out a yellow nylon bag and put this over his head.

Miss Patty - Bootlicking slave

09.09.20176:53 MinutenFemdom
Miss Patty - Bootlicking slave 1
Miss Patty - Bootlicking slave 2

Miss Patty orders her slave to wear pink shiny spandex leggings and a red down jacket. She dressed her self in a beautiful golden outfit and high black leather boots. She takes place on a shiny nylon covered bed and order him to crawl on the bed to lick her boots clean.

Spandex couple playing - Zentai sex

12.08.20173:43 MinutenStraight Sex
Spandex couple playing - Zentai sex 1
Spandex couple playing - Zentai sex 2

Spandex couple playing, he is put into a tight silver spandex bondage bag, while she is wearing a bright shiny orange Zentai. She starts giving him a handjob. Then she gets out his stick, opens her Zentai to ride him.

Miss Ella - used panty breathplay

11.05.20176:26 MinutenFemdom
Miss Ella - used panty breathplay 1
Miss Ella - used panty breathplay 2

Miss Ella ties her slave to a chair. She`s wearing a shiny red Moncler jacket, while he has to wear a shiny nylon Adidas rain jacket. She pulls the hood of his jacket over his head and blindfolds him. From her laundry she`s brought with her, she`s taking 3 used panties and gags him with them. A silk scarf is tied over this. She`s HOM smothering him, preventing any air he could breathe. Just having the taste is not enough, she pulls out another panty and pulls it over his head for him to smell her.

Patty in Swimsuit

21.01.20175:03 MinutenFetish
Patty in Swimsuit 1
Patty in Swimsuit 2

See Patty enjoying herself wearing a shiny spandex swimsuit. This Speedo copy from China is as smooth as the original one, really fits her tight and showing everything you want to see :) Taking out her tits and rubbing her pussy through the shiny spandex gets you turned on even more.

Purple Zentai tied - Part02

17.12.20165:58 MinutenBondage
Purple Zentai tied - Part02 1
Purple Zentai tied - Part02 2

The bonds fastened and added a shiny silk scarf as a gag. Zentai girl is trying to free herself. She`s rolling around, moaning and trying to get her hands free. Impossible to get out, she`s not giving up to try!