Lady Drea - T-24400 worship and trampling

22.10.20174:59 MinutenTrampling
Lady Drea - T-24400 worship and trampling 1
Lady Drea - T-24400 worship and trampling 2

More then 10 years ago, I met Lady Drea for a private video shooting. While she prepared herself, dressing up in PVC pants and high T-24400 leather boots from Buffalo, I was tied and blindfolded and even breath reduced on the floor. She returned and my suffering started. First I had to clean the boots, she`s been outdoors with them, attending a rave the day before. The boots were very dirty and I had problems to get them clean with my tongue. As she wasn`t satisfied with the results, she started trampling on me. 

Melissa tied in OCO Pure downwear

27.08.2017Melissa5:11 MinutenBondage
Melissa tied in OCO Pure downwear 1
Melissa tied in OCO Pure downwear 2

Melissa wearing a shiny black/blue OCO Pure thick twister jacket and thick black down pants. Her arms are tied on her back, her elbows tied securely together. She got a ball gag in her mouth, moaning and complaining about her situation.

Ewa - Riding the slave and doggy play

20.08.20177:03 MinutenPony Play
Ewa - Riding the slave and doggy play 1
Ewa - Riding the slave and doggy play 2

After her trampling fun with her down wearing slave, Ewa wants to test him even more. His hands are tied, his mouth is gagged, the hood over his face is secured by her sitting on his face with wearing only a shiny spandex leggings. Further on, he got to go down to his knees, when she mounts up on his back, riding a few rounds. To humilitate him even more, he got to do the dog for her, without the gag, he must bark and give the paw.

Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking

02.12.20168:36 MinutenFemdom
Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking 1
Lady Jenny - Involuntary Smoking 2

Being tied to a chair, the slave is at Lady Jennys mercy. She has an evil game on her mind, knowing her slave is a non-smoker. So she gags him with one of her used panties. She decides to use a light green one, heavily worn at the gym the day before and puts it in his mouth. A shiny silk scarf secures the gag and holds it in place. She takes a shiny nylon air-tight bag and pulls it over his head. Taking a second chair in front of him, she sits down, lifts the bag over his head and blows her cigarette smoke right into his face and quickly lowering the bag again, having him breath her cigarette smoke. As she goes on with the game, she decides it`s time for some pain too and starts to kick his balls with her high-heel leather boots.

Melissa - Sleepingbag tied

26.09.2016Melissa6:15 MinutenBondage
Melissa - Sleepingbag tied 1
Melissa - Sleepingbag tied 2

Melissa tied and gagged in a shiny nylon sleepingbag. She is put into the shiny black puffy bag, a rope is tied around it, securing her inside. She is trying to wiggle herself free, moving around, moaning.

Ivette - Blanket tied

21.08.20165:13 MinutenBondage
Ivette - Blanket tied 1
Ivette - Blanket tied 2

Ivette is securely tied on the floor. She`s wrapped in a shiny nylon blanket from She is wearing a leggings and a white shiny nylon windbreaker from Puma.

Twister tied 01

04.07.20166:14 MinutenBondage
Twister tied 01 1
Twister tied 01 2
Twister tied 01 3
Twister tied 01 4

First of 3 videos - Ewa tied and gagged in shiny Twister downjacket by OCO Pure.

Inga - Learning the ropes and gags

27.06.2016Inga5:45 MinutenFemdom
Inga - Learning the ropes and gags 1
Inga - Learning the ropes and gags 2

Inga tries to tie a man for the first time, she pulls out some silk scarves and ties them around her victims wrists really tight. She takes another scarf, makes a big knot in it and puts it ins the victims mouth as a cloth gag. She takes off her shiny black downjacket by The North Face Nuptse and pulls it over the victims head, making it hard for him to breath. She lights a cigarette, takes a seat on the slaves belly and breast and starts to smoke, while he is fighting for air.

Mel tied in a shiny nylon zentai suit

12.06.20163:54 MinutenBondage
Mel tied in a shiny nylon zentai suit 1
Mel tied in a shiny nylon zentai suit 2

Mel is stuck in a shiny nylon Zentai suit. She`s been placed into it, hands and feet sleeves tied to each other, so she can`t free herself. She`s struggling and trying to get free. The additional hood over her head does not make it easier.

Ivette - tied and gagged in red downcoat

07.06.20165:31 MinutenBondage
Ivette - tied and gagged in red downcoat 1
Ivette - tied and gagged in red downcoat 2

Ivette has been tightly hogtied with ropes and gagged with a silk scarf. She is struggling to get free and also trying not to fell from the couch. She is moaning and complaning into the gag. She is wearing a shiny black spandex leggings, black pantyhose and a shiny nylon red downcoat with fur on the hood.