Melina teasing in yellow and see-through spandex leggings 1
Melina teasing in yellow and see-through spandex leggings 2

Melina teasing you with her almost see-through black shiny spandex leggings - see this bombshell presenting finest spandex in a strip-tease - for your enjoyment.

Melina tied in blue spandex catsuit

11.05.20136:35 MinutenBondage
Melina tied in blue spandex catsuit 1
Melina tied in blue spandex catsuit 2

Tied and gagged with a colorful shiny scarf - see Melina trying to get free. Her hands are tightly tied together, her feets as well. The ropes holding her while she struggles and moans and tries to free herself. No chance at this point.

Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex

08.01.201340:17 MinutenFetish
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 1
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 2
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 3
Big Boob Melanie - Shiny Spandex 4

Melanie dressed in shiny Spandex for the first time in her life. Imagine a crazy girl, tattooed, pierced, with colored hair and the longest fingernails I have seen so far. She absolutely enjoyed trying our fetish.

Within this video you have 4 different dresses.

1) For the friends of leopard print, she wears a real tight fitting leopard print catsuit, which barely fits her because of the huge breasts she has.

2) Pink is her favorite color she said during he pre-video interview. So what is better then placing her into an ensemble of a hot pink spandex leggings and a matching leotard?

3) A special made green catsuit. Once sewed by a female friend for her gogo girl work, it`s now part of the Shinywear drawer. Doesn`t it look great on her?

4) Feeling like being in a cocoon, Melanie has been put into a bright orange one-piece suit. She likes it very much inside this tight prison!

Unfortunatly all the video is without sound. While taking the footage, the microphone on the camera was broken, which was discovered when reworking the video on the PC.

All the fine SPANDEX

13.11.201260:11 MinutenFetish
All the fine SPANDEX 1
All the fine SPANDEX 2
All the fine SPANDEX 3
All the fine SPANDEX 4

bright, shiny catsuits; hot leotards; overknee boots; short leather skirt; shiny nylon garments

All that you get in the latest Shinywear movie. Charleen is the model of choice for this month. This sweet german girl is presenting some nice Spandex dresses for your pleasure.

Watch various scenes with different colors and Spandex clothes styles. Download the trailer and watch the images for your pleasure.

Emily tries on her some Spandex Outfits

21.08.201252:05 MinutenFetish
Emily tries on her some Spandex Outfits 1
Emily tries on her some Spandex Outfits 2
Emily tries on her some Spandex Outfits 3
Emily tries on her some Spandex Outfits 4

In this DVD Emily Goes through her spandex clothes to find her favourite Outfit. She Tries on 3 Spandex Catsuits & over 5 sets of spandex leggings.

Emily struggles to get in the small catsuits & leggings, they fit her so tight. You can see every part of her sexy body. As she puts on the outfits she just has to play with herself, you know Emily loves the feel of spandex, she plays with her big 44" boobs & rubs her pussy.

Scene 1 - Strips out of her everyday clothes & puts on a yellow longsleeved catsuit. She enjoys the feel of the catsuit & plays with her 44" boobs & pussy. She strips naked at the end, so she can put on another catsuit.

Scene 2 - Puts on a Black Long Sleeved Catsuit from nude & tells you how good it feels. She loves the way she is encased in spandex. Getting more horny, still playing with her boobs & clit. Strips naked at the end.

Scene 3 - Puts on a white Long Sleeved catsuit from nude. You can see how shiny it is, this catsuit is a very small childs catsuit, you can see everything through the spandex! She is getting really horny now, you can see her pussy getting wet through the catsuit!! Strips naked at end.

Scene 4,5,6 & 7 - In these short scenes Emily puts on various coloured spandex leggings & spandex tops. She puts them on and poses in them. She can't help but touch herself through the leggings & tops The leggings include a black, gold, orange, blue pair. The tops include a orange & 2 blue tops.

Scene 8 - In the final scene Emily puts on a green pair of leggings & a green spandex top. She really likes the soft feel & the green look. She models them for a few minutes before moving into the bedroom to play with herself in more comfort. You can see her juices coming through the leggings as she gets more & more excited. In the end she just has to cum! She enjoys a big orgasm & says bye bye.

Do you Enjoy looking at Cameltoes?

07.08.201236:42 MinutenFetish
Do you Enjoy looking at Cameltoes? 1
Do you Enjoy looking at Cameltoes? 2
Do you Enjoy looking at Cameltoes? 3
Do you Enjoy looking at Cameltoes? 4

Emily is a big boobed girl who loves wearing Lycra! She has a sexy curvy body with 36" Boobs. In this DVD Emily shows us some
fitness routines where she stretches & teases us with her body. This Fitness DVD concentrates on the Spandex!!

 She also puts on some very tight spandex leggings & makes some great cameltoes. If you love cameltoes then this DVD is for you!

Scene 1 - Emily does some exercies & stretches in a Metallic Silver Leotard & Shiny Danskin Pantyhose. She bends & stretches giving us a great view of her boobs, legs & shiny butt!

Scene 2 - Curvy Emily loves the feel of Lycra in this scene she wears a long sleeved yellow catsuit whilst she does a few more stretches & has a rest. Emily has to wear the catsuit backwards to fit her massive boobs in!

Scene 3 - In this scene Emily wears a Green Wetlook Leotard & Shiny Dankin Pantyhose. You get to see more of Emily's sexy Body Close up & personal. This unlike any other Fitness Video concentrates on the parts other fitness Videos Don't.. the Spandex!!

Scene 4 - Emily Poses in a Yellow Wetlook Leotard & Shiny Danskin Tights.

Scenes 5 & 6 - Emily has a competition to make the best cameltoe.  Watch her as she tries to make the best cameltoe in 2 pairs of spandex leggings, listen to her talking to you about the sexiness of spandex & how much she loves it!  The leggings are very small & Very Tight! you can see every curve of her sexy body.