Mistress Eliza - pressing your balls 1
Mistress Eliza - pressing your balls 2

Mistress Eliza orders her poor slave to dress in a spandex burkini set. While he looks like a woman, she tightly gags him and puts a silk scarf over his face. This combination of shiny fabrics really makes him gasp, you can nicely see him heavily breathing. While he`s trying to get enough O2 into his lungs, his hands are tied in front, when Mistress Eliza takes place on a chair. She pulls him hard to herself, putting his face btw her big boobs. He can`t really breathe, so she`s relieving him of the clamp. When he`s kneeling again, she puts her feet into his balls, pressing and moving till it hurts.

Mercy - Bag playing Pt. 1

29.05.2019Mercy6:31 MinutenAsian, BBW, Female Domination
Mercy - Bag playing Pt. 1 1
Mercy - Bag playing Pt. 1 2

Mercy wants to test different bags. How good are they to keep the air away from her slave? Which is the best one if he should really suffer and gasp for some breath? Questions over questions, she can only try. So she orders him to sit on a chair, ties his arms behind and starts testing the bags on him.

Miss Cedi - helpless slave beaten and air-taken 1
Miss Cedi - helpless slave beaten and air-taken 2

Miss Cedi ties her slave to her metal bed. As he`s now being unable to move his arms and feet, she got an easy game with him. Multiple nylon bags are placed over his head, preventing him to breathe freely. Miss Cedi let her whip speak to him, so you can see him struggle a lot. When she got enough of his complains and cryings, she simply sits on his face, silencing him.

Ewa - Heikes Jackets, pink bondage and panty gagging 1
Ewa - Heikes Jackets, pink bondage and panty gagging 2

Ewa let her slave wear a shiny pink Pamy down jacket. It`s a pretty nice match to the shiny pink spandex leggings he has to wear. She ties him up with silk scarves and gags him with a shiny spandex buffalo panty. She`s trampling and facesitting her slave.

Lady Lana - Breathtaking down coat action ! 1
Lady Lana - Breathtaking down coat action ! 2

Lady Lana ties her slave to a chair. She is wearing black Pleaser boots, long leather skirt, and a blue puffy down coat. While her slave is tied to the chair, he uses the coat's belt to pull-gag him. After that little playing around, she pulls off her coat and uses it to put it around her slaves head, making it hard for him to breath. Breathtaking action with a stunning Lady Lana.

Cum on my ass!

07.10.20174:01 MinutenFemale Domination
Cum on my ass! 1
Cum on my ass! 2

My slave boy begged me to be allowed to come. After a few weeks of kinky plays and tease and denial games, he`s been very loaded with cum. I dressed myself in a shiny blue spandex leggings, my beloved pink high-heel boots and a blue down jacket. I ordered him to tie a silk scarf around his neck, that I can control him. I teased him with shaking my ass in front of him, while he had to wank and cum on my spandex covered ass.

Daniela - First time dominatrix

16.10.20157:33 MinutenFemale Domination
Daniela - First time dominatrix 1
Daniela - First time dominatrix 2

Daniela tries herself being a dominatrix. Shiny black spandex leather leggings, black high overknee boots and a black leather jacket, while she orders her slave around. German Language spoken

Miss Cedi - Breathtaking Action

08.08.201510:20 MinutenFemale Domination
Miss Cedi - Breathtaking Action 1
Miss Cedi - Breathtaking Action 2

Miss Cedi uses multiple - 10+ - Nylon bags to take her slaves breath. He`s been tied in a classic Wavebvoard downjacket, while she is wearing a "Miss Germany" jacket from Pamy, a shiny black leather leggings and red leather overknee boots.

Mistress Ivette - Slave whipping

01.08.20159:15 MinutenFemale Domination
Mistress Ivette - Slave whipping 1
Mistress Ivette - Slave whipping 2

Mistress Ivette ties her shiny spandex leggings wearing slave and whips him before grabbing his balls.