Shinywear back from the Ashes 1
Shinywear back from the Ashes 2
Shinywear back from the Ashes 3
Shinywear back from the Ashes 4

Going through the old tapes of history, there was some unreleased footage to be found. Within the movies I discovered new stuff from Lucy and Emily and of course from Lucy&Emily together.
During the 4 scenes you will find in this fine Spandex video there`s a lot of action for spandex lovers of all kind.

Scene 1) Lucy dressed in a shiny silver professional leotard talking to you and doing some workout in front of the cam before she rubs her pussy through the fabric.
Beneath that silver leotard she wears a tan skin shiny pantyhose from the famous Wolford brand, like cheerleader usually wear during her show.

Scene 2) Lucy is dressing in a dancing costume, including the high-glossy ultra-shiny and shimmery dance pantyhose again.

Scene 3) One for all Spandex lovers - Emily and Lucy are playing with spandex catsuits and baby oil. See these both sweet ladies having their fun onscreen with the shiny fabric and the liquid oil making the fabric see-through.
Big-Boobs fans will love Emily during that part of the video as her big breasts are showing very nice through the wet spandex. See Lucy rubbing Emilys pussy with and without the Spandex, as later on they are getting naked :D

Scene 4) Something unusual - Lucy in a bright shiny silver leotard is cutting onions.