Shiny Shiny Jodie! 1
Shiny Shiny Jodie! 2
Shiny Shiny Jodie! 3
Shiny Shiny Jodie! 4

Jodie returns to to dress up in more catsuits & leotards. Approx 1hr Long Video


Shinywear 16 is the 2nd video made with jodie in 2008, this follows on from the very successful Shinywear 15.

Scene 1

Jodie starts in her birthday suit, her great curvy breasts on show along with her landing strip shaved pussy. The first outfit she puts on for you is a Proffessional Gymnastics Leotard. Its a red white & gold foil long sleeved leotard. Its really tight & Jodie tells you all about how tight it is & how it feels against her naked body. She wears the leotard with no tights or pantyhose on her legs, just as a real gymnast would. Once in the leotard it clings to her body like a second skin, the shine bouncing off the sexy spandex. Once wearing the leotard she caresses her body saying how it feels before bending over to show you her sexy spandex covered butt. You get great up close & personal shots of every part of her sexy body. All the way through she describes how she enjoys wearing the spandex! You get to see her sat on the sofa legs in the air, leotard just covering that perfect pussy. mmmm... Once she has teased you in the leotard then its time to take it off & she slowly & sexily removes it to show you again her beautiful naked body. - 20mins

Scene 2

This scene starts with Jodie naked again... what a shame! she talks to camera & then puts on a blue long sleeved catsuit. She squeezes the slinky tight shiny catsuit over her long legs & over that fantastic ass before zipping up the front zipper to cover her tasty boobs. Once covered in the catsuit she bends over to show you a better view of her great ass. If you aren't turned on by now, she sits down & teases you with her legs up in the air, touching her pussy through the catsuit. She asks you whether she is being sexy enough & offers to get her boobs out.... so she unzips the catsuit to show off her pert tits, which is just fantastic, jodie in spandex with her boobs out, what more do you want? All though out the video she talks to you, suggesting how she feels & asking how you feel ends with jodie stripping naked... - 10mins

Scene 3

In this scene jodie puts on a shiny pink foil catsuit, the shine is fantasic, it shimmers off her sexy body, covering her fantasic boobs butt & pussy. She knows she looks good in it as she shows off for you.... It feels so good, she does a little dance and you just can't help but look at her. If you like very shiny catsuits then this video is for you! After a few minutes she wants to know whether you want her to take the catsuit off, well she knows you do... so off comes the top half & you get to see jodie playing in spandex topless, playing with her boobs as she goes... ends with a strip to naked :-) - 20mins

Scene 4

This scene is more of the same, sexy Jodie, sexy shiny silver catsuit & jodie teasing you. She lies down, touches herself & tells you how sexy she feels in the spandex. I have not seen a shiner catsuit in all my years knowing spandex! At the end of the scene she bends over & strips for you, showing you a great view of her bald pussy before saying good bye. - 10mins