More Spandex Lesbians! 1
More Spandex Lesbians! 2
More Spandex Lesbians! 3
More Spandex Lesbians! 4

More Spandex Lesbians! Emily & Lucy meet up again, but this time Emily has brought the spandex & her sex toys!
You get to see Emily & Lucy in a Swimsuits, Catsuits, Unitards & Leotards. They rip open spandex to get to there pussies, They make each other cum with toys & they enjoy the feel of spandex next to their skin. You can watch emily squeeze into a swimsuit 3 sizes too small & enjoy Lucy's sexy spandex covered body.

60 Minute DVD - X-Rated

Scene 1 -  Lucy greets Emily dressed in everyday clothes before getting excited about the spandex that Emily has brought to try on & play with.  Lucy chooses a pink leotard & pink cycle shorts to wear & Emily chooses a very shiny blue leotard. They help each other strip naked before Emily squeezes into the small leotard. Lucy puts on the cycling shorts over the top of the leotard. Lucy rubs up against Emily's leotard & you get to see some great closeup shots of spandex! Emily finds a hole in the crotch of Lucy's cycle shorts, she starts playing with the hole, she rips it & makes it bigger to get access to Lucy's Pussy. They just love playing with each other! Next its Emily's turn, she lies down on the bed, showing how wet her pussy is (you can see the damp patch in the spandex), Lucy pulls the leo to one side & gives Emily a good tease.

Scene 2 -  In the next scene they choose some new outfits Lucy picks a red wetlook metallic unitard, Emily chooses a very small Blue Speedo Swimsuit & Blue Reebok Leggings. They strip out of the leos before putting on the new outfits, Emily really stuggles to get in the swimsuit. They get on the bed & touch each other, rubbing each others spandex up against each other. Emily unzips the unitard & gets her sex toy out for Lucy to play with her tight wet pussy. You get great close up shots of Lucy plunging her dildo deep inside her pussy, whilst still wearing the wetlook spandex unitard. Emily removes her leggings to reveal a modified swimsuit with the crotch cut out, she too gets her dildo out & gives herself a good pounding.

Scene 3 -  If you like catsuits & unitards you'll love this scene, Lucy & Emily strip out of their previous outfits & put on a Black Sleeveless Catsuit & Purple Sleeveles Unitard. They caress each other covered in spandex, they love the feel of the silky soft spandex against their sexy bodies. They play with each others tits before cuddling together on the bed, teasing each other by touching their pussies & sitting on top of each other.

Scene 4 - Next the strip out of the catsuit & unitard, they rub each their boobs against each other before choosing what to put on next. Lucy chooses a Green Wetlook Milano Leotard & Emily puts on a tiny addidas swimsuit. They adjust each others outfit before getting personal. The leotard & Swimsuit eventually get pulled to one side & they each take a dildo & thrust it into each other, in the end the both cum, thanks to each other! The scene ends with them both stripping naked!