Miss Cedi - Chair sitting breathplay games 1
Miss Cedi - Chair sitting breathplay games 2

Miss Cedi orders her slave to wear a read shiny nylon jacket with the hood in fron, having a red shiny nylon downcoat put on correctly. She pulls up the hood form the jacket over his face, and puts the hood of the downcoat over it, creating a nice full nylon head prison. The slave is tied to a chair with handcufs. The fun starts when Miss Cedi puts her hands around his neck, take his breath with HOM games or sit on his thigh and pulls a silk scarf around his neck very tight.

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Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2015, 05:39 Uhr kapman ★★★★★ Greatest video frol this set, great breath controle anse double hood, noose tight', thanks realy hot sexy x greatings from belgium Kapman, kapuzen mann, hooded noose breath controle lover, if you plan other videos inwill gladly paly in it' i have a very large nice nylon and down collection x
Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2015, 21:28 Uhr Michel90000 ★★★★★ Hummm I will love to be actor hummm
Montag, 08. August 2016, 23:46 Uhr therider ★★★★★ Very intense and very nice!
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